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More and more companies around the world are realizing, rather forcibly, that remote work in architecture is possible. Let's help make it a long-lasting reality.

Phase II

With the current easing of lockdown restrictions, architects all over the world are slowly starting to go back to their offices.

Now we want to understand how this is gonna go.

Our open-floor offices suddenly seem immensely inadequate to our new paranoid reality. Will companies still maintain working-from-home as a viable alternative to their employees? What will change in our professional relationships and processes?

We'll soon publish a new, small survey to gauge the situation.

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Phase I

Back in February and March, as the world realized how serious the COVID-19 pandemic was, architecture companies scrambled to adapt as their employees transitioned to working-from-home.

For about 1,5 months, we asked architects all over the world to share their experiences during this transition.

Almost 100 contributions later, this is what we noticed. Below, you'll find a snapshot of the submitted stories, or you can read them all in full here.

How does it feel to be working from home?

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